I've been leading the charge for Gordon Hayward for years (my coworkers can tell you about an argument we got into near the beginning of the season about where he sits among the best players in the league), but even I never realized he could ever become this good. I tweeted this after the game last night, but it's not impossible to think we'll see his jersey in the rafters some day. 

His legacy in Utah — as well as the success of the team for the next few years — hinges heavily on whether he re-signs with the Jazz as a free agent this summer. Count me in as one of the believers that he will. Pay attention to his face as he talks about the fans in the two videos below.

Sometime later this spring I'll put together a post looking at why Hayward is so critical to the team's success, but for now let's simply appreciate how much he means to this franchise. 

I will ride or die with Gordon Hayward!

(Here are highlights from the win last night because he is so friggin' good)