2018 Home Kit Doesn't Disappoint

RSL released their new 2018 Home Kit, and it looks fantastic! Here's some pics of what the lads will be wearing as they take the pitch at the RioT for the first time in 2018. 

What I Love

Cobalt Sleeves

With a return to a classic look, RSL has brought back the cobalt sleeves that made previous year's kits look so balanced. The simple gold Adidas stripes across the shoulder really tie in the look for me. I almost wonder if it would all look better with a gold sponsor logo and gold name and number on the back, but I'd have to see it to decide.

Nick Looks Dope

I can't quite tell if the hoops on Nick's jersey are black or cobalt, but either way, it looks amazing. I kind of wish that was our home jersey instead. 

Beehive 05

This is a nod to the team's first year in MLS, and it uses the beehive imagery from the state flag. Perhaps we can do a Wu Tang themed match where we all show up as Killer Bees.


What I'd Change

Again, the designs this year focus on simple, clean lines and there are no frills that distract the eye. Sometimes, simple is better, but I'd love to see a bit more creativity, like with the goalkeeper kit. I'd also love to see RSL wear cobalt shorts instead of the red ones they are sporting again. Overall, though, I'm satisfied.

Fan Designs I Like


This is a fan designed Nike concept. I'm not totally sold on the thick gold chevron, I might opt for a bit thinner, but I like the creativity. I'd also go for some cobalt shorts.


The crown superimposed on the front of the jersey here looks really good. Again, I don't know if I love the gradient cobalt to claret transition or cobalt to white, but I like the creativity.

Here's What I Really Want


They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. In that case, why don't we imitate the best? I'd absolutely LOVE if RSL decided to bust out some vertical stripes or hoops for a home kit some day, a la Barcelona. Sure, we'd be accused of copying a classic look, but I can almost guarantee that the club would sell a ton of these things. Plus, we need to solidify some kind of jersey identity. When you see a person walking down the street in one of these, no matter how far away you are, people automatically know it's Barca. That's the kind of recognition level I'd love to have for RSL jerseys.

What's your favorite RSL look? What do you love about the new kit, and what would you change? Tweet us at @corneronsports or post on our Facebook page.