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Our mission is to create entertaining and informative content that encourages a more committed and passionate fanbase at Utah State.


We at Corner on Sports want to share our love of sports with as many people as we can. Our primary focus is on Utah State athletics; we are USU students and we think our Aggies deserve better coverage than they currently get. Our goal is to create fun, engaging content about USU that is unavailable anywhere else. With the move to the Mountain West and the success of the football and basketball teams in recent years, Utah State has an opportunity to make an imprint on a national stage. We want to help with that. We want to create content that entertains, informs and strengthens loyalties among the USU faithful; in short, we want to usher in a more passionate and committed culture of fandom here at Utah State.

Additionally, we seek to share our interest in other sports. From the Utah Jazz and the NBA to Real Salt Lake and MLS to Major League Baseball and to sports around the world, we will produce content about anything that catches our interest.

Finally, we want to help people reach their dreams. COS was started as a way to build a writing portfolio and practice other skills that might be of interest to potential employers. We want to share the opportunity to grow skills with our fellow students. Opportunities to write articles, share opinions, manage a website, run social media accounts or o build any of a number of other skills are available. Our intent is to provide a low-risk, high-reward platform to learn and grow. We are always looking to build our team!

We thank you for reading and hope you enjoy what you find here. For more information, comments, questions or suggestions, please email us at or find us on Twitter @CornerOnSports.


Thomas Sorenson

Thomas Sorenson: Tommy was one of the founding members of Corner on Sports. He is majoring in journalism at Utah State University and plans on graduating in the spring of 2017. He loves sports (obviously), as well as puppies, Dr. Pepper and Gordon Hayward.

Follow him on Twitter: @tomcat340


Derrick Saunders: Derrick, aka D Ricky, is a senior at Utah State University studying Management Information Systems (nerdy business stuff). He loves sports stats, a cold glass of milk, and winning seasons. When he isn’t watching sports, he is working as a software developer, enjoying the great outdoors, or thinking of funny things to tweet.

Follow him on Twitter: @D_Ricky1